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Mobile devices are becoming more and more important in our lifes and now what’s trendy is to have them personalized with our favorite photos, msic or videos. SMS companies are good, but too expensive. What if you could upload your own content to your tiny devices?

AVS Mobile Uploader has realized the problem and now offers you the possibility of uploading your own and favorite stuff to your mobile device, no matter if it’s a PDA, PSP, iPod or your mobile phone, If it’s customizable, it’s supported buy AVS Mobile Uploader.

Once you run AVS Mobile uploader, you will see the folders of your mobile and you will be able to transfer anything you want to it.

Once you decide what and where you want to upload, just drag&drop and you’ll have it uploaded in a matter of seconds.

You can transfer files by using Bluetooth, IrDA or USB cable.


30 days trial version

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